I am ibexes.
Hi, my name is Leila and I am a baby-loving, addicted to Downton Abbey, toy collecting nut.

I collect Playmobil, and received a Victorian manor for Christmas yesterday. After three hours, it was finally set up, so here we have my mini-Downton!

I decided to go with the sisters with their husbands, with hopes that I will later receive the rest of the family and some downstairs staff (there is an older set of a kitchen with a character that looks just like Mrs. Patmore!). Unfortunately, all the men come with large mustaches, so the boys must be going through a phase!

I have yet to see the Christmas Special and am choosing to believe Edith is happy with her baby and everything is well, because I doubt once I watch it that it will be. I suppose though, that I am choosing to believe a lot of things, based on all the families being together and well. Anyway, I’ve added a comment onto each picture to clarify what they are, so click away if you’d like!

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