I am ibexes.
Hi, my name is Leila and I am a baby-loving, addicted to Downton Abbey, toy collecting nut.

Ready for tonight in my Downton shirt and my 1920’s inspired nails!!

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I’m watching this evening so from henceforth I will tag everything s5 and s5 spoilers! :)

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Edith and Branson become quite good friends as well. Branson knows a lot more than Edith is aware of. That’s a nice little spoiler.

- Allen Leech (x)
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Branson & Thomas ‘outsiders’ of Downton (X)  Thanks to repmet for the link!

Those two. You got to love them! Love the little dancing and singing at the end.

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Nicki Minaj

Monster Verse

582,985 plays

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The Right Honourable Robert Crawley, Donk Earl of Grantham

Nice to see Robert with his grandchildren.

Hahaha!!! How cute!!! Robert in the last gif is priceless! xD

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I read an article the other day that said, “if you drink every day you are an alcoholic.” Thank god I only drink every night

why do text posts these days sound like they are quotes from a 40 year old mother’s facebook

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